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Heli 0.5 Ton Self-Lifting Pallet Loader (CBS-05J)

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Heli 0.5 Ton Self-Lifting Pallet Loader (CBS-05J)

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Heli 0.5 Ton Self-Lifting Pallet Loader (CBS-05J)

  • It’s a complete solution because it not only loads pallets but also loads itself onto vehicles, making deliveries to customers easier and more efficient.
  • Doesn’t require special ramps and hoists like conventional pallet trucks.
  • Reduces labour requirements as just one person can drive the delivery van as well as operate the machine to move pallets of 400-500kgs.
  • Faster loading and unloading reduces delivery times.
  • Loads and unloads goods from vans without needing manual lifting.
  • Reduces worker fatigue and increases efficiency.
  • Has a small turning radius of 1120mm and weighs just 235kgs.
  • Emergency Power Cut-off switch for added safety.
  • Simple & easy to operate.


Model CBS-05J 
Load Capacity 500kg@400mm load center
Operating type Walkie type 
Mast Height 1,500mm
Mast Type  Mono Mast
Forks Length 1,150mm
Overall Length 1,555mm 
Overall Width 790mm
Overall Height 1,817mm
Battery Details Lead acid battery, 12V/33Ah
Warranty 1 Year or 2,000 Working Hours (whichever comes first)

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