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Sinoboom – Access a safer world.

Innovation meets safety with Sinoboom,
the leading manufacturer and innovator
in aerial work platforms from China.


Sinoboom is one of the top 5 Aerial Work Platform manufacturers in China. Founded in 2008, the company is engaged in the research, development, manufacturing and service of aerial work platforms. Over the years, Sinoboom has transformed itself into an industry pioneer, offering world class safety and innovation to demanding clients all across the globe. 

Today, Sinoboom owns proprietary core technology and intellectual property rights to more than 90 designs. With a 200,000 sq m manufacturing base and a production capacity of 10,000 units per year, Sinoboom products are used in various industries like supermarkets, ship repair, construction, shopping malls, warehouses, civil engineering, electric power, gardening, advertising, venues and stadiums, airports, harbors and large factories. Go ahead. Access a safer world.

Scissor Lift


Compact, flexible and easy to operate, Sinoboom boasts an extensive range of scissor lifts including diesel and electric driven options. These access platforms bring great performance at low and high speeds, in various operating conditions. 

Industries: Scissor lifts are used for supermarkets, exhibitions, interior design, maintenance, installation, facility management, construction engineering, warehousing, airports and shipyards, urban utilities, curtain wall engineering and more.

  • Working height: 5.8 M to 18.2 M
  • Load capacity: 230 to 680 kg
  • Low labor intensity
  • Intelligent alarm systems
  • High safety

Telescopic Boom Lift


With a reach up to 46M height, Sinoboom’s self-propelled Telescopic Boom Lift is a safe and adaptable aerial work platform that can meet the challenging conditions and needs of any environment. 

Industries: Telescopic Boom Lifts are used in Shipbuilding and repairing, large-scale steel structures, manufacturing, construction engineering, urban utilities, building maintenance, gardening, airports and harbors, curtain wall engineering, petrochemical industry applications and more.

  • Working height: 22 – 46 M
  • Holds up to 3 operators
  • Gradeability: 40%
  • Powerful Engine
  • High safety

Articulating Boom Lift


Sinoboom’s Articulating Boom Lifts include both diesel and electric models, giving you a highly flexible and convenient, multi-stage folding boom. 

Industries: Articulating Boom Lifts are used for plant installation and maintenance, venue construction and maintenance, construction engineering, large-scale warehousing, aviation and aerospace industry applications, airports and harbors, urban utilities and gardening, curtain wall engineering and more.

  • Working Height 16-27M
  • Better articulation and rotation
  • High efficiency and large load capacity
  • High-level safety
  • High reliability and operability.

Vertical Mast Lift


The Sinoboom Vertical Mast Lift comes with a compact structure, ease of maneuverability, zero tail sweep, small turning radius allowing it to pass easily through standard door openings and corridors.

Industries: The vertical mast lift can be used for light construction work.

  • Working height: 10.3 M
  • Small turning radius
  • Great maneuverability
  • Load capacity: 200 kg

Boom Lift Truck


The Boom Lift Truck is lightweight yet strong, with a large load capacity. It is ideal for aerial work where access is needed at short notice. The truck body and hydraulic outriggers make for excellent stability, taking you beyond the confines of even ground. 

Industries: With strong adaptability to different working conditions, the Truck Mounted Boom is widely used in electric power maintenance, construction, urban utilities and gardening, airports and harbors, curtain wall engineering, outdoor or highway advertising and more.

  • Working height: 22.2 M
  • Light weight
  • Lower cost
  • Easy to operate


Sinoboom is a member of IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) and the China Engineering Machinery Association. It has passed Australian ADR certification, European CE and Russian GOST standards.

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All users of Sinoboom Aerial Work Platforms in the UAE have easy access to reliable high quality machines with matching service support and spare parts from Hala Equipment.

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