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Heli 1.2 Ton Counterbalanced Electric Stacker- CDD12-970

AED34,500.00 AED

Heli 1.2 Ton Counterbalanced Electric Stacker, Model CDD12-970.

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    Highlights of Heli 1.2 Ton Counterbalanced Forklift Electric Pallet Stacker-CDD12-970

    1. This counter-balanced electric stacker has 1.2ton basic lifting capacity with 3.6m Two-Stage Mast.
    2. Electronic power steering system, light, and low noise.
    3. Two-way magnetic valve, three drop speed mode.
    4. USA made Curtis driving controller.
    5. AC Driving Motor, No Carbon Brushes, Maintenance Free.
    6. Electromagnetic regenerative braking system.
    7. Automatic lifting limit, proximity switch.
    8. Stacker decelerates automatically at higher position to ensure safety.
    9. Stepless speed control system, safe and quiet.
    10. 24-volt traction battery.


    Model CDD12-970
    Load Capacity 1,200kg@600mm load center
    Operating type Walkie/Stand on 
    Mast Height 3,600mm
    Forks Length 1,070mm
    Overall Length 2,502mm (with platform closed)
    Overall Width 1,015mm
    Battery Details 24V/210Ah
    Product Warranty 1 year, excluding tyres.
    Battery Warranty 1 year/2,000 hours (whichever comes first)
    Charger Warranty 1 year/2,000 hours (whichever comes first)

    View For Technical Parameter of Forklift Electric Stacker Pallet TruckCPD12-970 Brochure

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