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Forklift Attachments

Any forklift, irrespective of its capacity and brand, can be transformed into a multi-purpose machine with the help of a LDSJ forklift attachment. With the right forklift attachment, your forklift can carry out varied tasks more efficiently and in the same space.
As the sole UAE dealer of Heli forklifts since 2003, we understand forklifts better than anyone else. Heli is the No.1 forklift brand in China and LDSJ is part of the multibillion-dollar Heli Group.
Choose from a wide variety of LDSJ attachments which are built tough and are engineered to deliver the following advantages:

Increased Versatility: Turn your forklift into a multi-purpose machine for varied materials.

Improved Efficiency: Quick attachment changes reduce downtime.

Reduced Labor Costs: Enhanced efficiency means fewer operators or less time needed.

Improved Safety: Secure loads more effectively, especially awkward shapes.

Space Optimization: Maneuver in confined spaces, optimizing storage.

Cost-Effectiveness: Adapt existing forklifts with attachments instead of buying new machines.

Reduction in Damages: Proper attachments minimize material and machine damage.


For more information about the various forklift attachments, please call Suman Shivan  (Area Sales Manager) on +971 56 117 0448. Or email us as at

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