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Forklift Attachments

Heli forklifts and Heli wheel loaders can be complimented with specialised attachments to enhance their performance. Heli attachments include bale clamps, block clamps, double pallet handlers, carton clamps, fertiliser pushers, foam rubber clamps, hinged forks, log holders, olecranon drum clamps, paper roll clamps, push pull clamps, sweepers etc.


  • Bale Clamp
  • Block Clamp Attachment
    Block Clamps
  • Carton Clamp
    Carton Clamp
  • Double Pallet Handler
    Single-Double Pallet Handler
  • Foam Rubber Clamp
    Foam Rubber Clamp
  • Hinge Forks
    Hinged Forks
  • Log Holder
    Log Holder
  • Olecranon Forklift Drum Clamps
    Olecranon Drum Clamp
  • Paper Roll Clamp Forklift Attachment
    Paper Roll Clamp
  • Heli Push Pull Clamp
    Push Pull Clamp

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