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Stable and safe, Heli Order Pickers take the operator right up to the rack from which they can pick and deliver goods needed for filling out orders. The Order Pickers have sturdy steel masts which are stronger, longer-lasting and can take more weight than ordinary aluminium masts. Ideal for operating in warehouses and distribution centres, these machines are easy to maneuver in narrow aisles and enable precision handling and higher work efficiency.

Take a look at the four Order Pickers mentioned below and get in touch with Mohsin Abbas on +971 50 626 9073. Or email us as at to know more.

Heli OPL12


  • Max. lifting height of platform: 1.2m
  • Storage compartment capacity in front of operator: 60kg
  • Advanced electronic steering system handle to ensure effortless and highly efficient manoeuvrability
  • Ergonomic design for operator comfort
  • Safer and reliable braking with a combination of regenerative and electromagnetic brakes
  • Small turning radius for use in narrow aisles

Heli - OPSM

Light Type Order-picking Truck - OPSM

  • Compact design for easy movement through workshop aisles and low doors
  • Automatic deceleration when lifting height is more than 0.5m saves time and labour and ensures safety and stability
  • Easy and free adjustment of front tray height for convenient storage of small and large goods
  • Independent fingertip control system for acceleration, lifting, tortoise speed, emergency stop etc.
  • Double safety protection measures ensure that when the driver’s hands or feet extend outside the truck body, the truck will stop driving to avoid pinching the driver

Heli OPDS15

VNA Battery Truck (Man-up) - OPDS15

  • Three-point support structure featuring low centre of gravity, good steering stability and small turning radius
  • Two independent energy-saving and consumption reducing regenerative systems
  • High-strength mast for stable and large bearing capacity at high position
    Higher power and efficiency with full AC drive technology
  • Multitude of safety and stability features, including smart management system, CAN-bus system, self-balancing control technology and multi-level safety alarm system
  • Multi-axis control technology for improved work efficiency

Heli - OPS15

Electric High Level Order Picker - OPS15

  • Low centre of gravity for added stability
  • Electric power steering for easy, flexible, highly efficient and silent operation
  • Integrated controls for handling, steering, traveling, lifting and lowering
  • Automatic deceleration of buffer oil cylinder when 500mm from the ground to prevent impact and reduce noise
  • Low voltage protection setting prolongs battery use time
  • AC motor eliminates replacement of carbon brush, provides good ramp starting performance and regenerative braking functions
  • Special German steel mast channel

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