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HELI 2 ton Electric Pallet Stacker (Narrow Leg) – CDD20R

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HELI 2 ton Electric Pallet Stacker (Narrow Leg), Model CDD20R.

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HELI 2 ton Electric Pallet Stacker (Narrow Leg) – CDD20R

  1. 2 ton narrow leg electric stacker with 6.5 meter lift height.
  2. AC Motors eliminate carbon brush replacement.
  3. Supporting legs in both sides for triple mast.
  4. Vertical Driving wheel offers small turning radius.
  5. Dust & water Prof Motor.
  6. Emergency reversing device on handle ensures stacker, s safety.
  7. Emergency power disconnect switch is installed on stacker.
  8. Brake state in handle upright and horizontal position of handle increase the reliability.
  9. Stacker can automatic decelerate on quick turning.
  10. Can-bus technology reduces wiring complexity and increase reliability.
Model CDD20R ( 6.5 m )
Load Capacity 2,000kg@500mm load center
Operating type Ride on
Mast Height 6,500mm
Mast Type Three stage ( ZSM )
Forks Length 1150mm
Overall Length 2,180 mm
Overall Width 950mm
Battery Details 24V/300Ah
Controller Curtis
Warranty 01 Year or 2,000 working Hours (whichever comes first)

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