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Heli-Lithium 24*7 Operation

24/7 Operation

With increasing cost pressure, tight timelines and unpredictable order peaks, the dynamics of logistics businesses are changing the requirements placed on warehouse equipment and forklifts. They must be constantly available and flexible in their use while offering the best of safety and cost-effectiveness. This means that energy systems are also put to the test.

Group 1@2x

1 to 2.5 hours of charge time meets
a 6 to 8 hour working requirement.

Group 14@2x
Group 1@2x

LiFePO4 Battery can be recharged during
short breaks, eliminating costly, time
consuming battery changes.

state of charge
Group 1@2x

More battery power utilized

Up to 95% of the power in the battery can be used – compared to 80% in conventional lead-acid batteries.
The LiPO4 Lithium Battery offers a longer life cycle, allowing about twice as many charging cycles.

Group 1@2x

High energy density

Self discharging rate is lower than 1% per month.

Group 1@2x

The advantage of smaller size
and lighter weight.

Group 18@2x

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