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Ajax Self Loading Concrete Mixer

How does Ajax Self Loading Concrete Mixer works?


Imagine if there is a flexible, easy and cost-effective solution for a wide range of concrete requirements. What if there is a solution for the standalone system that could get to work the moment it landed at site and yet requiring a single machine operator to operate it?

Hala Heavy Equipment introduces to you the ARGO Compact Self Loading Concrete Mixer made by Ajax, the world’s largest manufacturer of Self-loading concrete mixers.

Argo can self-load the construction ingredients like cement, sand, aggregates and water in the right proportions in the drum and weigh-batch it properly and accurately to achieve an excellent quality of concrete. Argo has microprocessor-based high accuracy weigh batching system and electronic water metering system for water which ensures the accurate data of ingredients to be mixed.

Argo has a four-wheel-drive system with self-adjusting wet disc hydraulic brakes on all four wheels to ensure the highest level of driveability in all kind of terrain. Argo’s four-wheel-drive system has three unique options. First, opposed wheel steering for smallest turning radius, second, crab steering for adjacent to obstruction and third, two-wheel steering for driving on a normal road which makes Argo the best mobile concrete mixture for all conditions.

Argo’s operator can rotate its operator post to any side which not only provides complete and unobstructed visibility during travel but also enables the operator to face the loading side during the electronic weigh-batching operations.

Argo eliminates the cost of labour and the cost of transportation of concrete to the point use.

Hala is the sole representatives for Ajax Concrete Equipment in the UAE. To know more about Argo 1000 Self-Loading Concrete Mixture, visit

Ajax Fiori CRB-60 Compact Reduce Bin Batching Plant

Hala Supports The #SustainableDubai Initiative – Green Concrete


Since 2015, Dubai government has been pushing the initiative switch to green concrete to make its ever-expanding built-up areas healthier and more sustainable. Construction companies in Dubai have been using green alternatives for original Portland cement (OPC), the major component of concrete mix that is found to emit toxic gases.

Dubai has been at the forefront of innovation on many fronts and the construction industry is on par with this. This directive was after a study by the municipality’s Building Department established the negative impacts that Portland cement can have.

With more than 10 billion tons produced each year worldwide, concrete is by far the most important building material. The concrete industry is the largest user of natural resources in the world, and Portland cement, a key ingredient in most conventional cement, accounts for roughly five percent of all carbon dioxide gas generated by human activities worldwide.

According to research cited by the municipality, producing one ton of OPC is accompanied by the emission of 1.1 ton of carbon dioxide (CO2), in addition to the other harmful side-effects due to the production of huge amounts of dust, as it is estimated that each ton of OPC produces 164 kilograms of dust pollution. Construction companies now have the possibility of using more greener and safer alternatives like Fly Ash and Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBFS).

The construction industry in the UAE depends solely on a dozen cement-manufacturing companies. The capacity of these 12 cement companies in the UAE is close to 39 million tonnes. These factories will now be producing more of GGBFS and Fly Ash. Apart from causing less emission of dust and fume, they are better resistant to water, salt and sulfate.

Hala Equipment supports this #SustainableDubai initiative and we are geared up to provide the right equipment on-site for construction companies looking for compact and mobile machinery suited for the task. Take a look at our Ajax Compact Reduced bin Batching plants to achieve your desired quality and production at lower investment levels.

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