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Reducing Carbon Footprint With Electric Forklifts In The UAE

Carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases and thermal energy produced to support human activities – individual or organizational. When there is more thermal energy trapped by the atmosphere, it causes the planet to become warmer than it would be. This increase in the Earth’s temperature is called global warming.

The material handling industry has embraced the concept of reducing carbon footprint with an increasing number of warehouses and distribution centers implementing sustainable practices such as upgrading to Electric Forklifts from Internal Combustion Forklifts.

For every 10,000 hours of use, IC-powered forklifts emit 120,000 more pounds of carbon emissions than electric forklifts.

Compared to dozens of moving parts in internal combustion engines, an electric motor has just one moving part. IC-powered forklifts also require regular maintenance, like replacement of oil, oil filters and spark plugs etc. On an average life span, an IC forklift truck costs 30-40 percent more to maintain than electric trucks due to more frequently scheduled maintenance.

Moreover, unlike IC Forklifts, Electric forklifts don’t need fuel, and this naturally saves time and of course helps the bottom line.

Noise pollution is a fact that is ignored by many companies. Workplace noise is a silent health hazard which can lead to hearing impairment and machines are a significant source. Converting to Electric Forklifts also reduces workplace noise, allowing operators to hear better for enhanced operation and safety.

Electric Forklifts also score when it comes to space saving. With an electric forklift, there is no need for the storage of fuel outdoors. Today’s new battery charging technologies eliminate battery changing stations thus reducing battery inventory and freeing valuable real estate.
Many countries across the world have strict laws on Carbon Emission for warehouses. The UAE has engaged in the implementation of various projects and laws to reduce the emissions of Greenhouse Gases under the umbrella of Clean Development Mechanism projects.
To find out more about Electric Forklifts that adhere to the Greenhouse laws of the UAE, please send a mail to


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