Trading-In Tips For Your Used Forklift


When you decide to sell or trade-in your old forklift, it is natural to expect a high value for it. However, there are things you need to consider when selling a used forklift and we are here to help you understand these factors and to get maximum resale value from your used heavy equipment.


You wouldn’t buy a used car that was old, badly maintained and barely running — the same goes for a forklift. Hala Equipment Trading specialises in preventive and breakdown maintenance which will keep your forklift in top condition, but also ensure a better selling value. Finally, before the machine is evaluated for trade-in, have it cleaned and tuned up. It can make a huge difference!

Age and Hours

Just as low-miles increase a car’s trade-in value, a forklift with lower-than-average hours is worth more than one with a lot of hours. Here are some general guidelines.

When the hour meter approaches 10 – 12,000 hours, the value starts dropping significantly. This goes for all types of diesel and electric forklifts.

Due to their high quality, Heli forklifts have a lifespan of about 18,000 hours so you can expect a fair resale value if your equipment usage is under those hours.

For electric forklifts, battery maintenance is crucial. If the forklift has a dead battery, then it’s a dead forklift. If the battery is functional, and the charger is in good condition, it will also increase the forklift’s value.

Configuration and Accessories

A lot also depends on the specifications and the accessories. What is the maximum height of the mast, and what is its load capacity? Certain configurations make a forklift more valuable.

Overall appearance

Although you can’t make your used equipment look like new, the overall appearance is still very crucial. Have a Hala Equipment Trading technician clean up the machine as much as possible. If there is visible damage to the machine that can’t be fixed, then have the reasons for them ready. The new buyer might want to know the history of your machine.