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Haide Truck Mounted Waterless Vacuum Road Sweepers

The New Generation Road Sweeper

This sweeper by Haide represents the latest advances in street and road-surface cleaning technology. This innovative machine combines high vacuum technology with the use of advanced air-filtration systems to deliver a thorough, dust-free cleaning experience, setting new standards for cleanliness and air quality. Its advanced technology ensures a dust-free cleaning process without the use of water, making it a perfect choice for modern urban environments and demonstrating a commitment to sustainability.

Haide is one of China’s leading facility management equipment manufacturers and supplies over 300 models of sweepers worldwide.

Key Features:

  • High Vacuum Technology: The Haide TXC utilizes a powerful vacuum system that spans the entire width of the truck. This comprehensive coverage ensures that all surface debris is effectively vacuumed up, including the finest particles (PM10) that conventional sweepers typically miss.
  • Broom Assistance: While the high vacuum system is the primary cleaning mechanism, the inclusion of brooms aids in dislodging stubborn debris, ensuring a complete and more effective sweep.
  • Zero Visible Dust Emissions: The Haide TXC is the only truck-mounted pure vacuum sweeper that operates with zero visible dust emissions, setting a new standard for cleanliness and environmental safety.
  • Waterless Operation: This sweeper does not use any water in its cleaning process. By avoiding the use of water, it ensures that dust and particles are lifted and removed rather than being stuck down to the surface, as is common with conventional sweepers.
  • 4-Step Separator: Collected material and dust are processed through a specially designed 4-step separator, which efficiently separates different types of debris.
  • 2-Step PTFE Coated Self-Cleaning Filter System: The exhaust air is purified using a 2-step filter system coated with PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene). This self-cleaning filter system is specifically designed to capture and separate PM10 particles, ensuring that only clean air is released back into the environment.


  1. Comprehensive Dust Control: The advanced filtration and vacuum technology of the HAIDE TXC ensure that even the smallest dust particles are captured, significantly improving air quality.
  2. Water Conservation: By eliminating the need for water, the HAIDE TXC promotes environmental sustainability and is particularly advantageous in areas facing water scarcity.
  3. Enhanced Cleaning Efficiency: The combination of high vacuum suction and broom assistance ensures thorough removal of all debris, providing cleaner and safer road surfaces.
  4. Health and Environmental Protection: The ability to capture PM10 particles reduces air pollution and enhances public health by minimizing exposure to harmful particulates.


Hala is the sole distributor for Haide in the UAE. Since 1998, Hala has earned a name for itself for reliable service and quality spare parts, across the UAE.

All users of Haide machines have access to Hala’s trusted after-sales service extending across all Emirates of the UAE, including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain and Ajman.

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Hala offers you convenient and flexible options to meet your short- and long-term needs. So you can buy or rent this Haide Road Sweeper, depending on your needs.


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