Warehousing Industry Gears Up To Fly With Technology


The warehousing and logistics industry is rewriting history and creating a technological revolution as it rises to deliver to a rapidly changing market scenario. It is exploiting robotics, artificial intelligence and other innovations as both individuals and businesses now expect to get goods faster and safer at the lowest delivery costs.

The only challenge here seems to be the lack of a digital culture and training. However, experts in the industry feel that it is just a question of time when technology takes over the tried and tested methods of operation.

Business Insider Intelligence observes that the logistics industry is expected to grow at an impressive rate, reaching $15.5 trillion (Dh56.9 trillion) by 2023, up from $8.1 trillion in 2015. But it still suffers from a number of inefficiencies caused by outdated processes, a lack of transparency due to disparate systems and high costs because of slow, manual processes — apparently, more than half of logistics professionals still use pen and paper to manage the supply chain.

But all this is set to change with the latest technologies being implemented to augment the deliveries and meet the heightened expectations of from the warehousing and logistics industry.

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